Version 5, what's new?

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asked Mar 31, 2017 in User manual by Mika (920 points)

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answered Mar 31, 2017 by Mika (920 points)
Version 5.0.1

1. App’s interface updated.
2. Main menu invoked by hard Menu button if mobile has that one.
3. Main screen updated, added options to choose period, filters and grouping.
4. Main screen and reports context menu available by long tap and short tap is used for detailing.
5. Main screen list view setting saved and restored automatically.
6. Another color used for planning transactions.
7. Dropbox lib updated. New authentication required.
8. Recurring transactions added to the Directory menu.
9. Alternating colors in the lists and highlighting the maximum and minimum values set off.
10. Preset periods available when choosing period.
11. Appwidget’s interface updated.
12. Added option to filter by portfolio type and portfolio to the settings of the appwidget.
13. Added Home button. That one closes all windows and opens main screen.
14. Improved receiving extern messages API.
15. Switchable buttons replaces by modern swtiches in charts.
16. Filter and New options are removed from menu. Filter placed in the bottom sheet.
17. Planning horizon removed from Portfolios.
18. Credit limit not used now and will be changed to minimum required balance.
19. Improved SMS import.
20. Dozens of small improvements applied.
21. Fixed minor bugs in Free and Pro versions.
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